Which Is Better For Your Health Water Purifiers Or Water Filters?

Water is our “lifeforce.” It is what keeps us alive. Therefore, whenever we talk about drinking water, we do not like making any compromises. Instead, we look for the best possible ways to get the purest and cleanest water for drinking and other purposes.

Nowadays, with the invention of various modernized purification technologies, we have different options of both water purifiers and water filters in front of us. Do you know what would be the best for you? Or what is the difference between the two appliances? You can also inquire about them from various water purifier services to know the difference between the two.

Today, in this article, we will discuss this matter and clear all your confusion about it. Even though both the appliances are similar to a certain extent, there are some significant differences between them.  

Difference Between The Terms Water Purifier & Water Filter

As you know, water is a highly essential element that helps us to survive. So it is also vital that we consume the purest and cleanest form of water to stay healthy. In connection to this, we often think of installing a water purifier or, at times, a water filter. Usually, we get confused by the terms. Although both of them are made to fulfill the same objective of water purification, all the features in them are not the same.

A water purifier is more superior to a water filter in many ways. It is a modernized form of water filter. If you still want to know about the advanced features of water purifiers in more detail, you can contact Aquaguard service Hyderabad to know about the latest models available. Now, let us take a glance at some of the significant points of difference between both the appliances right here:

Removal of Impurities From the Water

If you are reading this article, it is evident that you are confused between the two appliances and cannot decide which one to buy. So, stay tuned here to get a complete idea about which is better for your home! Also, are you wondering which appliance removes the maximum impurities from the water and makes it the safest for you to drink? Well, we will let you know about it here.

Water Filters

They use a mechanism of defensive shield known as filters to filtrate the impure water. It is a physical barrier that removes impurities like dust, sediments, silt, clay, and other suspended particles, along with some bacteria and viruses. If the water filter is equipped with a carbon filter, it can also remove the odor and traces of chlorine that are often present in the source water. However, while they efficiently remove dust and other impurities, water filters may not remove dissolved solids like heavy metals and dangerous chemical wastes.

Water Purifiers

As we were discussing earlier, water purifiers are the more advanced form of water filters. In addition to removing physical impurities, they adeptly remove excess TDS, pesticides, heavy metals, and other chemical wastes. However, since the source water passes through old, rusty pipes, it gets polluted by several harmful impurities on its way. So you must install advanced water purifier like RO, UV+UF, etc., in your home to get the purest and safest water. You can also enquire more about these models from Aquaguard service Hyderabad.

Purification Levels In Water Filter & Water Purifier

With the excessive increase in water pollution, health experts recommend choosing the appliance that ensures 99-100% safe and pure water. So let’s take a look at which one provides you with the maximum purified water.

Water Filters

As you know, water filters provide you with just the primary form of water filtration. Therefore, it is often ineffective in purifying the water of harmful dissolved impurities like heavy metals, chemical wastes from factories, etc. This is because the water passes only through 2-3 layers of filtration. They are fitted one after another, and when the impure water passes through them, certain impurities get filtered in the process. However, they are not very effective in removing dissolved solids like heavy metals and other chemicals.

Water Purifiers

At the same time, if you look at the features of the water purifiers, you will notice that the purification process is far more sophisticated. You must have surely heard about purification technologies like RO or RO+UV+UF. One of the most significant reasons people prefer using water purifiers is their ultra-modern techniques of purifying water completely.

In these purifiers, the impure source water passes through several stages and layers before you drink it. So they effectively remove all sorts of harmful and dissolved solids from the water and make it safe for drinking. Moreover, they also ensure that the taste, texture, and consistencies of the water are enhanced. In addition, RO purifiers also infuse essential minerals like calcium, magnesium, etc., into the water and sweeten the taste of water. So you no longer have to worry as every drop of water from these purifiers is pure and healthy.

Final Thoughts

Well, if you are about to get a water purifier or a filter, you must be wondering which one will be the most suitable for you. Of course, if you live in an area where your water source is natural, it does not contain many impurities, and the TDS level is within the range, you can go for water filters. However, suppose you live in such an area where there are high chances of your source water being polluted. In that case, it is recommended that you choose a water purifier for your home, as its advanced features efficiently work to give you the purest and cleanest water. At the same time, various reputed water purifier companies provide excellent water purifier service to their customers.

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