How IoT enabled solution to drive growth while we restore new normal

Companies are exploring various technology options to restore the new normal post-pandemic. During the lockdown, there was a massive movement of human resources, which still impacted industries such as manufacturing with a lack of workforce who migrated to their hometowns. This has led to enterprises exploring options that help them restoring production and make them future-ready if a similar situation strikes again.

IoT-enabled solutions are playing a significant role here in helping businesses and industries.  IoT device integration in supply chains can mitigate future disruption caused by the pandemic and make processes more efficient to get companies back on track.

The implementation of IoT in the energy, manufacturing, and food and beverage industries, among many others, has often been with the use of mixed reality. The employees in fields are using connected devices for cross-function and discuss various things with the team. This supports the company in diagnosing and correcting mechanical failures remotely, installing new equipment, monitoring performances and quality of the product output, and implementing solutions accordingly.

The shifting paradigm towards innovative technology demands applications and solutions that can support companies as they recover the economic impact due to pandemics. At the same time, these technologies should also ensure that it restricts the spreading of the COVID-19 or encourages practices that maintain safety and security at the shop floor.

Various industrial automation and robotic solutions are helping companies integrate solutions at the shop floor that can support maintaining social distancing with limited human presence. With industries restoring production, it has become more essential to maintain adequate safety precautions at the floor for workers’ health since small negligence can cause big risk to human life and the business environment. Especially when both people and businesses are on the road to recovery, it is necessary to address every significant point that can later become a challenge. Robotic Solutions can help in reducing overhead for the manufacturing industry while increasing productivity. 

When IoT-enabled devices are combined with AI and automation, companies can adjust various production processes in real-time. The operators can monitor the performance remotely without being present near the production line and initiate predictive measures without traveling to the site in case of troubleshooting. In a challenging time like today, with restricted movement and resources, such actions can save businesses time and avoid longer downtime, which can result in loss of production.

But it is essential to note that digital tools are not to provide short-term savings in the cost. Their integration will change the way businesses operate, which will continue post-pandemic as well. Besides, they will support building future-ready industries that will have better solutions and technology support in stabilizing the sector if a similar situation impacts again. For many, it is the right time to shift the business model and integrate smart solutions. Businesses will now use data analytics to predict critical issues and monitor performance in real-time. Thus as we proceed, the future is more about smart technologies building a robust industry.

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