How payroll is usually managed in startups and SME’s?

Payment processing on excel sheets:

Payroll management is still done on excel sheets by a big number of small businesses. it’d be a cushty practice until you’ve got but 10 employees. Once you exceed the ten employee mark, the info processing might be an uneventful task on an excel sheet. An excel sheet also has certain drawbacks –

  • Manual entry of knowledge .
  • Manual processing of knowledge .
  • Clerical and calculation errors.
  • Statutory compliances got to be entered from time to time.
  • Manually adding and removing entries.

Outsourcing Payroll Services

As mentioned before, the opposite mode of payroll processing is outsourcing. However, the corporate must share the info and their policies and deductions with the third party from time to time.

Disclosure of employee records to a 3rd party is hazardous. to not forget, outsourcing services for payroll results in extra costs. So, payroll for little businesses are often managed by payroll software.

Figuring out to settle on between outsourcing payroll services or in-housing payroll. Here is blog to assist you start .

What is Payroll Software?

PionHR payroll software

Payroll software is an application utilized by the Human Resource Department (HRs) or payroll teams to take care of the whole life cycle of payroll processes.

Payroll software must be aligned with an organization’s needs, which bring all the loose ends of inputs, validation, processing, and checks on one platform.

However, the quality payroll software is meant to supply standard processes. Small and medium business payrolls may differ for every company, therefore the software are often customized to try to to more for you.

Payroll software for SMEs presents a holistic experience of payroll processing. Human Resource Management Software (HRMS) can offer you a foothold in terms of payroll.

Therefore, Purchase Payroll Software reliable makes it easier to process chunks of knowledge , reduces dependability on external third-party resources, and offers knowledgeable solution.

Payroll software and its uses:

Here are the uses of payroll software which may match your company’s requirements.

Scaling data

The software can store and process large data and be adapted to extend the processing scale.

Ease of operations

Because the procedure is automated, each form and input is tailored to your current policy. If your company already has HR software or an internet payroll, there’s no got to manually input file for payroll processing.

By identifying and rectifying problems, the automated payroll system can also serve as accounting software. So, you’ll use technology to your advantage and reduce human time and energy that goes into payroll processes.

PionHR is one such HR software with an excellent payroll process automated to perform HR & Payroll associated tasks within minutes

End-to-end solutions

From policy creation through government payments and paycheck slips, the software provides all-in-one payroll services.

This ensures total control over the method and a one-window approach.

Benefits of Payroll Software

Payroll software has a number of advantages for both firms and employees.

1. Cost-saving

Payroll software can save the value of paper-based processing. An efficient payroll system can assist you invest your company’s savings into business expansion.

2. Time-saving

Manual payroll calculation monthly is tiring and tedious. The software can save all this point through its automated processes.

3. Accuracy

Any margin for human error is eliminated with computer-based applications. regardless of whether you’re employed in an SME or an MNC, your employee data are going to be calculated accurately.

4. Tax updating

It can be difficult to grasp the Indian payroll system and its modifications. While manually processing payroll, HR can easily ignore regulatory obligations.

5. Storage and accessibility

Payroll software allows you to store any amount of data and access it when needed. Your annual reports and pay stubs will be kept safe.

Drawbacks of Payroll Software:

As beneficial as payroll software are often , it comes with a couple of cons.

The backup of payroll data can cause hordes of files piling up; This brings out the necessity for a system to archive all of this information.

Your company will need to hire and train a private to process payroll.

Although payroll software can prevent the time and money of monthly processing, the one-time cost of buying the tool are often expensive.

Although as expensive as payroll software could also be , choosing the proper one can almost eliminate most of the drawbacks mentioned above.

Additionally here are the ten Must have features to seem out for during a payroll software.

Payroll Software and Integration

A good payroll software are often integrated across different company systems, including the HR system, to capture data. It are often integrated into different systems for:

Hourly captures:

Software which will track time is vital for jobs like consultancies that are time-specific and supported hourly rates.

Roles like consultants, auditors, specialized freelance assignments, etc., all are often monitored through the payroll processing software.

Attendance & Time Management:

The software should track time which is that the number of hours an employee spends on his/her work assigned, even have the power to watch work-from-home requests, overtime hours, and more.

This option is out there on quite few software like PionHR, which also comes with biometric device compatibility.

Leave Management System

Captures leave data of absenteeism, different sorts of leave like leave , holidays, and paid leave. This information is useful to calculate the deductions and additional buy overtime or night shifts.

Accounting System

The accounting must be integrated into the payroll system. The payroll data processed are often sent to the accounting that’s usually liable for releasing salaries.

The detailed accounting of salaries and other benefits are clubbed as employee expenses and wish to be monitored and accounted for.

Cloud-Based Payroll Software

Generally, most Payroll systems are cloud-based, which makes means it’s integrated into cloud systems. This eases the info access from anywhere and anytime.

Cloud systems also are an honest backup against your physical data or in-office data vulnerable to damage, loss, or theft. A cloud-based system ensures role-based access to data.


Using payroll software for little businesses can really ease most problems and challenges HR face regularly. Whether you’re an HR professional, CEO, or an employee of a corporation , HR software can assist you automate and simplify important processes.

Struggling to manage all the tasks associated with the HR department? Don’t worry! Try our HRMS, where you’ll choose a pocket-friendly plan or create a customized plan supported your requirement, and obtain access to features like

  • Automating payroll and expense claims
  • Managing your HR data easily.
  • Review performance and Objective and Key Results (OKR)
  • Track attendance and leaves.

And much more.‍

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