Important Tips to Maintain Your Hearing Health


15% of Indian suffer from noise-induced hearing loss due to loud work environments or leisure activities. Clubs, concerts, and lawnmowers can all make dangerous sounds. Earplugs can be easily purchased and are very convenient. A hearing aid centre in Bangalore healthcare provider can custom fit a pair for you. Musicians’ earplugs can be customized earplugs that have filters to allow for music and conversations, but also reduce harmful sound levels. They preserve the original sound quality.

Avoid loud noises by wearing earplugs about 

Reduce the volume

The WHO estimates that more than 1.1 billion young adults over the world, teens are at high risk of hearing loss due to noise-induced hearing damage from the unsafe use of audio devices. You can protect your ears by using the 60/60 formula if you listen to music via headphones or earbuds. It is recommended that headphones be used at a volume of no more than 60% for 60 minutes per day. Earbuds can be dangerous because they are placed right next to the eardrum. Opt for headphones that are over-the-ear if possible.Do not use your hearphone with loud music. This can cause hearing loss. When hosting a social event, make sure the music is low enough to not force people to shout to maintain a conversation.

Take your time to get back in your ears

If you’re exposed to loud noises, such as at a concert or bar, you’ll need to rest your ears. You can take five minutes to go outside now and again to allow your fears to rest. Researchers have also found that the average amount of time it takes for your ears to recover after a loud night is over is 16 hours.

Stop using cotton buds in your ears

Although it is common to use cotton swabs for cleaning out their ear canals, this is not recommended. Wax in the ears is normal. Wax prevents harmful particles and dust from entering your ears. The ears are self-cleaning organs. You also risk damaging delicate organs such as your eardrums by inserting anything into your ear canals. You can use a towel or a piece of cloth to clean the wax around your canal if you have too much. Throughout several nights, you can also apply ear wax removal solutions. This will soften the wax and allow it to dissolve on its own. It is best to get professional advice and care whenever possible.

Only take medications as directed

Hearing loss can be caused by non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs), such as naproxen, ibuprofen, and aspirin. If you are concerned about the effects of medications on your hearing, talk to your doctor and make sure that you only take the prescribed medication.

Keep your ears clean

The ear canal can be damaged by bacteria from excessive moisture. This can lead to swimmer’s ear and other types of ear infections that can be harmful to your hearing. After swimming or bathing, dry your ears gently with a towel or a pice of cloth. To get rid of water from your ears, turn your head towards the side and gently tug at the earlobes. Earplugs that fit snugly in the ears can keep your ears dry and healthy. These earplugs are goof for both adults and children and it will prevent swimmer’s ear. To get fitted, make an appointment with a local hearing professional.


Exercising is good for your ears. Cardio exercises such as running, walking, and cycling get the blood flowing to all parts of the body, including your ears. This keeps the internal organs of your ears healthy and they can function at their best. While riding a bicycle wear a helmet . A concussion is a fall that causes your hearing to be damaged.

Manage stress levels

Tinnitus, a feeling of ringing in your ears caused by anxiety and stress, can be temporary or permanent. Stress can cause your body’s natural response to fight or flight, which will flood your body with adrenaline to fight or flee danger. This puts pressure on nerves, blood flow, and body heat. This is what it’s thought can cause tinnitus symptoms.

Get regular checkups

Ask your primary care doctor to include hearing screenings in your regular checkups. It’s recommended to have an annual hearing checkup with a hearing healthcare professional because hearing loss can develop slowly. This will help you to be more alert for signs of hearing loss so you can take the necessary steps to correct them as soon as possible.

It is crucial to take action because hearing loss can cause other health problems such as depression, dementia, heart disease, and heart attack. Make your ears a favor. Locate a audiologist and make an appointment today with a hearing aid centre in Chennai.

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