What Are Buyer Keywords and How To Find Them?

Keywords play a significant role in any SEO strategy and they help in driving more traffic and revenue to the company. As you go deep into best SEO services, you understand that keywords are of different types and they can be categorized based on the users’ intent.

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Optimizing a website for a certain type of keyword can play a winning role in driving more revenue and a targeted audience. In this article, we will have a look at what are buyer keywords and how you can find them to boost the overall ROI.

What exactly are buyer keywords?

Buyer keywords are those special phrases that people use when they are looking to buy something. Those are specific keywords that show the buyer has done basic research on their side and now they are searching for the best offers or platforms to buy that product or service.

These buyer keywords show that the users are serious about making a purchase and they are in the active buying funnel. Whenever the users will feel that they are getting the right product at the right deal, they will buy them immediately. To go deep into the buyer keywords, let’s understand the journey of a user towards reaching these buyer keywords in a very brief:

Issue awareness phase

In this phase, the buyers realize that they are in need of help and they start looking for solutions to overcome those pains or issues. For example, the users might realize that their current running shoes are not comfortable and they are in need of new pairs.

Information-gathering phase

In this research phase, the users will perform general research that will revolve around their issues and the possible solutions. Continuing the above example of running shoes, the users will now start looking for solutions towards a comfortable daily run. In this phase, the users might search queries like ‘running shoes to reduce pain’ or something more specific like best cushion shoes.

In this phase, the users have accurately identified the issues and they are in the right direction of finding the most helpful solution. In this phase, the buyers also start comparing products from different brands and start checking out the reviews of the shoes. It is the educational phase where the users are educating themselves about the best solutions to overcome their issues.

Comparison Phase

We can call the second last keyword search phase for users as they have started narrowing down the options by comparing multiple brands and products side by side. In this keyword research phase, users are all set to make the purchase.

Buying Phase

This is the final phase where the users will search for specific keywords to complete the buying process whether online or by finding a local store. In this phase, the users will use specific buyer keywords like Nike cushion shoes, or they will make a search with a specific shoe model like Buy Nike Sports 123.

In this part of the sales funnel, the buyer will either buy the product after picking the best discounts, or they will visit the nearest store to complete the purchase.

How To Find Them?

Brands can optimize their pages with these specific brand keywords and attract a highly targeted audience to the website. Now, the question comes to mind: how to find such high ROI-driven keywords to boost the company’s revenue.

Several SEO tools are available in the market that let you find out the most relevant keywords related to your industry or specific product. You can use a tool like Alexa to generate the full list of such buyer keywords in your industry.

All you have to do is to run comprehensive competitor research and make a list of all the keywords for which they are optimizing their websites. Once you gather the keywords list, you can start filtering the keywords by looking at their intent.

Tools like Alexa let you filter those keywords with its inbuilt filter for searching the buyer keywords. All you need to upload the list of keywords and select the respective filter of buyer keywords. This filtration process will offer you keywords that have the potential to be a buyer keyword. From this point, you need to filter them based on your understanding and their search volume.

Final thoughts on buyer keywords

Buyer keywords are those targeted phrases that can help companies generate a lot of organic traffic and sales through robust SEO. If you are into selling services or products, then this method will help you with onboarding new customers faster.

There are several tools like Alexa, SEMRush, Ahrefs, and many more to get started with these high-performance buyer keywords. If you plan to prepare landing pages to promote services or products, you can integrate these keywords in these pages to boost the conversion rate.

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