Best Way to Tour Coffee Farms Brazil

Brazil is famous for a lot of things, from football to samba music, but there is one thing we keep overlooking. Most of the world’s coffee is grown in a few south american countries and Brazil is the queen of them. So, the coffee farms Brazil are one of the most important things to visit if you are touring the place. Especially if you love coffee.

The city and state of Sao Paulo is intertwined with the history of coffee production in Brazil. The whole world contributed to this, coming from all over the world and setting up or working in plantations in the area around Sao Paulo. The coffee plantations became the reason for Brazil’s amazing diversity of races, cultures, and religions.

Today, Brazil is one of the tourism countries in the world. There are beautiful beaches, raucous stadiums, and crazy street music and festivals. But all of that contributes to the country being a rather crowded one. If you want to breathe easy for a while and get out of the crowded areas, visit rural Brazil — tour the coffee plantations. And if you are as much interested in coffee processing as we are, then surely you’d want to see the land of coffee beans.

There are many tours available both from Sao Paulo and Rio de Janeiro to various coffee farms Brazil, and most of them are all-inclusive day trips — 7 or 8 hours. They feature the following general itinerary:

  1. Drive out from the city — either by your own car or hired car, or by the vehicle the tour operator provided. The coffee farm hacienda should not be much near to the city, so expect the drive to take 90 minutes to 2 hours.
  2. Since coffee firms are quite large, most of these tours include horseback riding through the farms. So, get on your horses and ride through the countryside into the farms.
  3. Your tour guide is responsible for narrating the whole process of creating coffee. He or she will guide you through the farms and the factory, narrating all the steps from the seed to the final product.
  4. Just like wine country visits, there will of course be a phase of tasting. And coffee tasting is a wonderful experience. Sip on various types of coffee and espresso directly fresh out of the roasting oven and freshly ground. Decide which blend you like the most as you inhale the bitter sweet aroma.
  5. The plantation factories are going to amaze you with their traditional approach. Step back a few decades or even half a century to see old and old-style equipment in use. If it works well, why change? The nostalgia will be laid on thick.
  6. Have a delicious colonial lunch at the hacienda. Most tour companies arrange this with the plantation owners for a truly rural original food experience. Chances are, all of the food items are grown organically from farms nearby the plantation, so you won’t forget the sumptuous taste! Maybe try some local wine too.
  7. If the plantation is near a nature tourism site, or, if it includes a hotel, you will get time to do some extra activities like taking a short hike or kayaking or swimming. Or, simply just enjoy a nice cool brazillian siesta on the verandah — after the horse ride, you may need it.
  8. It would be sunset when you set out again, to get back to the hustle and bustle of the city, full of the memories of the rural experience in coffee farms Brazil. Hope you didn’t forget to take pictures!

These coffee plantation tours are a source of golden experience. You can either make your own plans and contact the plantation to accommodate you (works best if you are a big party), or you can just get on a guided tour. Either way, it will be money well spent and time well enjoyed, we promise.

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