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Are you looking for someone to revive your home or workspace? Or do you want to completely renovate your home with professional advice? Whatever the reason is, you do not have to worry. Painters and decorators in London cover a broad range of projects. Professionals from these services will give you advice and suggestions on how you can completely renovate your property. You can avail of their services in interior decorating, exterior decorating, or even commercial decorating. Hiring a professional means that even the smallest task is done with full attention and concentration. A professional can totally change the look of any property.

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What services of interior decorating do professionals give?

You can get a number of interior decorating services from professionals like:

  • Interior Painting of the walls, ceiling, and woodwork
  • Painting of Kitchen walls and cabinets
  • Re-painting of wood furniture
  • Wallpaper hanging, lining wallpaper and constructing a new feature wall
  • Stripping of Wallpaper
  • Painting of Windows, doors, and frames
  • Staining, Danish Oil and Varnish Application
  • Plastering or Tiling
  • Repairing any damage in the ceilings or the wall
  • Completely renovating a house from scratch or even renovating a single room

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Preparatory Steps of Interior Designing:

Before starting an interior designing job it is essential that the painters and decorators visit the site which is to be constructed. The visit will be free of charge and a fixed price quote of the services being offered will be given to you. In order to prepare the area which is to be worked on, all the furniture is removed and protective sheets are placed to prevent any kind of damage. All the interior surfaces are cleaned with a solution of sugar and soap before starting the painting process. Hence, all the grease will be removed before the sanding process starts. After this, all the holes and cracks are filled. Any damaged woodwork is repaired. A solid base, free of cracks and holes is made so the paint will have a smooth surface to which it can stick and give a long-lasting finish. 

Exterior Painting and Decorating services for Small and Large Scale Projects:

Exterior painting of any building is as important as the interior painting of any building. These services produce a stunning first impression. Painting and Decorating companies provide their services in London for small and large projects. Exterior painting protects your property from damage. The professionals will provide you with their skills if you want to get the exterior of your home re-done or want to totally repair a large family property. The work will be up to your satisfaction and will be completed in no time. You can avail of the following services from an exterior designer:

  • Exterior painting of bricks and mortar
  • Repairing of the masonry and architectural features
  • Exterior Painting of windows
  • Repairing of exterior woodwork
  • Maintenance and painting of Gutters, Soffits, Fascia and Barge Board
  • Staining and Polishing of Timber
  • Inspection of the roof, its maintenance and repair
  • Application of special weather paint
  • And Varnish Repair

You can also get a team of skilled workers to do any type of architectural style for you such as Georgian, Victorian, and Edwardian in your property.

Time scale of the completion of work:

Before the project is started, painters and decorators visit the property. This enables them to get to know about your requirements and decoration plans. After the quotation is finalized, the process of decorating your property starts. However, the timescale of work is decided by a mutual agreement between the client and the workman. The privacy of your home is respected during the project and the workman guarantees to keep your property neat.

What are the benefits of getting an office painted?

Painting and decorating an office will benefit your business in one way or another. But a bad painting or decorating job can ruin the first impression of your office. Yet, if you create an extraordinary office, it will improve the environment and productivity of the employees. A transformed workspace will help in attracting clients to your business. You can transform your small offices into a beautiful and efficient workplace.  For large commercial businesses, you can create a bigger space for increased productivity and creativity. By building a creative space and studio inside your office, you represent your business to its fullest potential.  

Choosing the right painting contractor for your business can be a tough job. Nonetheless, North West London Builders Ltd makes sure that the service they provide you is reliable and the process is stress-free.

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