Saudi Embassy Attestation in India

Saudi Embassy Attestation

The Royal country Saudi Arabia is mostly known for welcoming foreigners to work, stay and to do business here. However, there is a certain procedure to enter in Royal Saudi Arabia. Out of the procedure, documents attestation plays a crucial role in ensuring legitimate boundaries. Therefore It becomes mandatory to get your legalization process tackled through a trustworthy

What is Saudi Embassy attestation ?

Saudi Embassy has a long process to get the documents attested, SUBLIME is familiar with the process and can tackle these tough procedures very easily. 

Saudi embassy attestation is a kind of attestation stamp puted by the embassy at the backside of the document validating its content and identification. It is attained, once the document is verified by the state’s and central’s competent authorities. Verification of the documents is considered an integral part of Saudi Embassy Attestation especially in case of Degree and Diploma.  

Why Saudi Embassy Attestation  Required ??

Similarly to any non-hague convention country, Saudi Arabia also has a mandate attestation procedure for visas granted into different categories. While applying for an Employment Visa, Dependent Visa, Family Visa, Study Visa etc, one may have attestation requirements on the relevant documents. For involvement in Employment opportunities in Saudi Embassy Attestation in India, one has to get his Degree or Diploma Certificate attested.

Procedure to Attain Saudi Embassy Attestation :

  1. For Educational Documents : As aforesaid, Saudi Arabia has a lengthier and tougher process for documents attestation. For attestation of educational documents like Degree and Diploma certificates , there are few reliable agencies authorized by the Cultural Attaché of Royal Embassy of Saudi Arabia in Delhi. After MEA Attestation, a Verification procedure of the document will be initiated to the respective issuing authority of the document from the Cultural Attache of the Royal embassy of Saudi Arabia. 
  2. For Personal Documents : While applying for a Family or Residence Visa in Saudi Arabia, one has to get its personal documents like Birth Certificate and Marriage certificate to be attested from the Royal Embassy of Saudi Arabia. The attestation procedure of personal documents contains Arabic Translation of the original document, after the Arabic Translation of the source document, both the original and the translated documents for the regional authentication or SDM (Sub-Divisional Magistrate) and MEA (Ministry of External Affairs) attestation. 
  3. For Commercial Documents: Commercial documents like Certificate of Origin, Tax Invoice, Health Certificate , Commercial Power of Attorney, Agency Agreement etc are required to be legalized from Saudi EMbassy for business expansion of Foreign Companies in Saudi Arabia. The legalization procedure of commercial documents includes attestation of documents from Notary, Chamber of Commerce, Ministry of External Affairs (MEA) and Saudi Embassy.

Documents required for Saudi Embassy Attestation 

Where you can get the Most-Prominent UAE Embassy Certificate Attestation Services

As there exist strict parameters to get Saudi Embassy Attestation,  it becomes mandatory to get your documents proceed correctly from a reliable and registered attestation services provider agency. Amongst all the options, SUBLIME Attestation & Visa Services has earned its name on top in customer’s satisfaction and providing swift attestation services.

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