Top 5 Angular Frameworks That Every Business Can Rely On!

Mobile applications are by far the best gift from technology. When a business represents its web presence through an application, its ultimate objective is to overcome the communication barrier with the audience. However, the most severe challenge one faces while developing a business app is code usability. No developer likes to make changes to the code since they might have to start all over again. And once you modify the code, it directly impacts the other phases of the development cycle.

This is the primary reason why businesses prefer to hire experienced AngularJS developers for such tasks. AngularJS is a blessing to mobile app development that offers high testability and excellent code quality. On top of that, one can instantly make changes to code without interfering with the rest of the development cycle.

Angular has been serving web development for a while; moreover, the most prominent organizations in the world like Netflix, PayPal, Amazon, Snapchat, and many others take their fair share for their front-end technology.

One key reason for Angular’s popularity is its frameworks. If you are not familiar with its frameworks, you might not be able to operate on Angular apps. Therefore to take exclusive benefits of the technology, let’s discover some of the finest AngularJS frameworks for 2021.

Best Angular Frameworks For You: A Mini Feature Guide

1.   Supersonic

If you are looking for a reliable Angular framework, Supersonic can be your go-to tool. It is versatile, dynamic and is specialized in pairing with various web components like JS, CSS, and HTML.

For customization, you can also link supersonic with other frameworks. Isn’t this amazing? It’s an ideal framework for hybrid applications and intuitive interfaces.

Features of Supersonic:

  • Declarative user interface- For an interactive UI, you only need to make changes in the data that can ultimately change the UI. This process does not require any coding.
  • Mobile CSS- The code used in Angular mobile apps is written in a way that can be used in other platforms as well. 
  • SPA- Supersonic can help in creating some outstanding Single Page Applications.
  • AngularJS directives – You can attach these directives to your DOM elements and operate them however you want.

2.   Mobile Angular UI

Mobile Angular UI is one of the simplest Angular frameworks. This framework offers endless options like scrolling areas, task box, sidebars, and switches when it comes to web components.

You can choose Mobile Angular under two circumstances: when building applications with HTML5 or converting your web app into a mobile app.

Features of Mobile Angular UI :

  • Variety of mobile components available.
  • Compatible with libraries like fastclick.js and overthrow.js.
  • Lightweight and high performing framework
  • You can customize the Bootstrap to operate.

3.   Ionic

Many developers overcharge in the name of creating interactive web applications. In such scenarios, startups and enterprises with limited budgets fail to turn their ideas into reality.

But what if I tell you, Ionic lets create compelling interfaces for interactive web apps in a low development overhead? Yes, you heard that right. This Angular framework is known to create wonders at a limited expense without compromising the quality.

Features of Ionic:

  • It is well supported with CSS and HTML-based applications.
  • Offers a varied range in component libraries.
  • It is entirely open-source; therefore, you get a free software development kit for intuitive UIs.
  • You can easily integrate plugins and themes with the code.
  • Develops high-performing applications.

4.   Angular UI Bootstrap:

This Angular frontend framework is famous for its components, elements, and built-in features. It comprises all the basic capabilities of Bootstrap along with HTML coding.

Designed at the top of the Bootstrap, Angular UI can be an ideal framework for web application development.

Features of Angular UI Bootstrap:

  • A plethora of UI components- Date picker, color picker, carousels, and Dropdown.
  • When Angular UI is zipped, its size is only 20Kb; hence a lightweight framework.
  • Angular UI is much easier to learn, understand and work on as compared to other frameworks.

5.   Radian

All the frameworks mentioned above can be helpful for small responsive web applications, but Radian rules out all complex applications when we talk about complex applications. It comes to be handy when developing data-intensive apps that require high functioning and loads of features.

You can consider Radian for eCommerce platforms where scalability is an essential factor.

Features of Radian:

  • Based on Asynchronous module- This is a JS feature where page errors and delayed request responses are reduced to the asynchronous working of APIs.
  • Comes with a liberal license.
  • Radian is an open-source Angular framework.
  • You can easily integrate data based code modules here.

Final Words

AngularJS is undoubtedly the finest choice for web design and web development. However, each framework mentioned above comes with its own set of features and specialties. This is why it is essential to consult a professional before you finalize any of them. For this, you can hire AngularJS developers and seek all the technical insights on your desirable framework.

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