Benefits of Choosing a CBSE School in Pune for your child

Education shapes the way children perceive and understand the world. 

It plays an important role in shaping their views and opinions about a number of topics. Therefore, choosing the right school to get one’s children educated is one of the most important decisions parents are constantly worried about. This decision can seem more confusing with the number of options that are available to parents when it comes to choosing the educational approach for their child. 

Each and every approach differs in its way of imparting knowledge, the syllabus it sets, the learning environment it provides and the opportunities it unlocks for children. The apt decision for parents is to therefore pick a curriculum that is learner-centric and focuses on the holistic development of children. 

General overview of education in Pune

Sometimes referred to as the Oxford of the East, the city of Pune is home to several high-quality educational institutes. These campuses cater to a wide range of fields that students from all over India are interested in, such as engineering, mass media, visual arts, and others. As one of the leading centers for education across the country, the standards of learning in high school in Pune tend to be very high. Therefore, only the best curricula are offered in its schools and colleges. For parents living in Pune, it is important to select the right learning approach such as the CBSE’s curriculum to ensure that their children are fully prepared to tackle the challenges they will face in the future. Listed below are some of the benefits of choosing a CBSE school that can help parents make a well-informed decision for their children.

Advantages of Choosing a CBSE High School in Pune

1. Student-friendly curricula

With a focus on teaching children skills-based knowledge, a school providing the CBSE curriculum is the right place to ensure that your children have gained the competencies they require to thrive in their professional careers. The curriculum is prepared to hone children’s skills not only through academic subjects but also through co-curricular activities.

2. Prepares for competitive exams

Between 2013 and 2018, the national competitive exams in India such as JEE (for engineering) and NEET (for medical) were conducted by the CBSE. Therefore, its learning approach is well-suited to prepare students to ace these exams naturally as they prepare for their own board exams every year.

3. Scope for customization

The CBSE is always striving to improve its strategies to be more accommodating of students’ desires. As per its latest changes, class 11 students are allowed to pick subjects of their choice as this flexibility allows them to study subjects across conventional streams of subjects such as Science, Arts and Commerce.

4. Regularly updated

The board ensures that the syllabus is revised every year to keep its knowledge base updated as per the latest advancements in the respective fields of study. This ensures that students remain up to date with the current affairs of the world.

Fees Structure in Pune Schools

For parents in Pune looking to enroll their children, the CBSE school fees structure is generally easy-to-follow and affordable in relation to the quality of education and campus facilities being offered by the school. 

From well-trained, professional teachers to state-of-the-art infrastructure, a number of factors ought to be considered to understand why the cost of fees for a school is priced in a certain manner. Parents must take the initiative by visiting the website of their shortlisted schools to understand their fee structure in detail and then proceed to make a well-informed decision.


From having children stay up-to-date with the latest trends in their fields of study to having them prepared for national-level competitive exams, there are several reasons that make CBSE schools an apt choice for children. Therefore, if parents in the city are satisfied with the fees-structure of the school of their choice, then they can definitely go ahead with the admission process for their children.

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