How Montessori School prepares children to adapt to Elementary School?

It is seen that a person’s success and emotional wellbeing are deeply connected to their childhood experiences.  If we give the right education to our children in the early years, they can thrive in any environment. Environments that are nurturing and supportive promote optimal child growth in all areas.

It is necessary to put children in Montessori School for the following reasons.


The Montessori provides an environment where each element is designed for the development of the child. It has everything according to the children’s height and size, For eg:- lower shelves, tables, and chairs, etc. Such an environment promotes the child’s independence in the exploring and learning process. 

When a child is born and till the age of 6 they have “Absorbent Mind”, which takes and absorbs every aspect, good and bad, from the environment that surrounds him/her

So it is necessary to provide them with a nurturing environment that promotes optimal learning.

Optimal Learning 

Montessori education is scientifically based on developing skill and knowledge where it inspires children to become independent, self-motivated learners. Children develop

psychologically, socially; where they learn to interact, make decisions, and act freely within an environment.

Cognitive Skill

Children in Montessori explore materials that were scientifically designed to develop basic cognitive abilities. The materials are designed to make them responsible for their own learning and help the development of knowledge and abstract thinking.


The Montessori curriculum consists of activities related to practical life where they learn how to take care of themselves, others, and the environment where they live.  These activities teach children coordination, self-discipline, concentration, and self-confidence.

They have activities and materials for children to refine each of their senses which improves their perception, observation, and a sense of admiration for everything that surrounds them.

Montessori schools enrich the language which a child has already acquired so that they can speak with precision.

A Montessori education makes children knowledgeable and accountable which are needed to thrive in the real world.

Customized Learning

Every child is unique who has their own set of talents and challenges and their own way of learning and Montessori schools nurture those inherent capabilities of each child. 

Love for Learning

Montessori teaches children the basics, like identifying shapes and colors to more advanced symbolic learning and reading preparation. The Montessori method of learning creates a lifelong love of learning.

GIIS School in Malaysia

GIIS has received over 150+ awards in education excellence. It has 22 campuses across 7 countries. It is one of the top-rated schools in Kuala Lumpur.

It fosters a positive environment with top-notch pedagogy which strengthens a student’s personality, capabilities, moral values by helping him/her to be an all-rounder. Their curriculum is considered to be the best program available worldwide which nurtures 21st-century skills. 

GIIS believes in developing critical thinking abilities, fostering collaboration, nurturing creativity. It connects Education to student’s life experiences so that they can learn anywhere at any point from their real-life situations.

In Montessori School children have the same teachers for more than one year in order to form a connection. Montessori learning is based on self-directed activities, hands-on learning, and a collaborative approach. The teacher provides age-appropriate activities and children are given the freedom to choose what they want to do.

GIIS School in Malaysia takes care of kids with special needs. Montessori education engages all the senses and students are free to move and learn at their own pace.

Kids who attend Montessori school often learn to be self-reliant and calm. They adjust quite easily and quickly.

GIIS Montessori School Programme

Their Montessori Plus program is holistic education based on 5 important pillars which develop the cognitive, emotional, psychological, and overall well-being of children.

GMP’s 5 Pillars 

The Excelerate Programme

In this program, teachers focus on getting fluency in language through listening, speaking, reading, and writing skills along with Numerical skills through Maths in a fun and interactive way. 

Multi-faceted Learning

In this program, activities are conducted to nurture student’s inherent personalities and help their intellectual capabilities to grow steadily.

iPlay Programme

In this program, children are allowed to play with their favorite toys or friends which results in physical, social-emotional, and cognitive development. 

iCare Programme

In this program, GIIS conducts activities like charity and environmental drives which teach young children the values of giving back to the community and nature.

Future Ready Programme

In this program, students are prepared with NextGen Learnings from an early age so that they become ready for the 21st-century world. 


Being a parent, you want to give your child the best education to set their foundation for future success. With the GIIS Montessori School, your child will have a more positive learning experience. 

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