Four Reasons Why Personalized Coins are Replacing Business Cards

In the past, long before LinkedIn and smartphones were part of our lives, business cards were must-have tools for professionals. These cards presented the only way for professionals to exchange their information while networking at events, get-togethers, etc. However, in the current era, business cards have gone out of fashion.

Most business professionals use digital tools to keep track of their contacts. Business cards have zero resale value. Most business leaders of today consider business cards to be nothing but a waste of paper. That’s why these cards have been replaced by two relatively new inventions –

  • Digital contact/networking tools and platforms like LinkedIn.
  • Novel personalized coins with plated metals and polished finishes.

How are custom coins better than traditional business cards? In four amazing ways! Let’s explore why business owners are using custom coins as a replacement for business cards –

1. Better for Information Sharing 

Technically, custom coins feature less information than business cards. Coins are smaller and harder to engrave. So, most coin creators don’t include too many design elements on these two-sided metal canvases. However, they’re still better information-sharing tools than business cards.

  • No Room for Extra Information: The front and back of custom coins have little space. Creators have no option but to include the most important branding or design elements on these coins. These coins feature very small amounts of vital information.
  • No Need for Extra Information: Isn’t it better to share as much information about your business while networking with other professionals? No. The person you’re networking with doesn’t need to know everything about your business from your customized coin. If the brand name or the brand’s design seems appealing to them, they’ll look up the business name on LinkedIn.
  • QR Codes: The latest custom coins can be engraved with scannable QR codes. People who are interested in your brand simply need to scan the coin to access your company’s website.

In the current age, all people need is the company name to revisit business connections. Even though you can’t print large amounts of information on your custom coins, you can print the most vital details.

2. Waste vs. Collector’s Item

Most business cards end up in the dustbin. That’s because the tradition of collecting or referencing business cards is dead. For the modern professional, a business card is nothing but an item that clutters up their pockets.

Why carry around a company’s website address in your pocket when you can find all its details online? That’s why most business cards end up as waste materials. On the other hand, custom coins always make lasting impressions.

  • Small and easy to store in the pocket – custom coins never fail to surprise recipients. Plus, customized coins provide something unique to recipients. The weight and the touch of the metal coins are qualities that business cards can never replicate.
  • While business cards become waste materials after a while, custom coins become prized possessions for recipients.
  • Custom coins have physical details which make them unique. Recipients honor this level of distinction by adding the coins to their collections.
  • Modern-day custom coin-making processes involve advanced tools and techniques like 3D sculpting. That’s why the latest custom coins have striking aesthetics and textures.

These inherent qualities of modern-day custom coins are impossible to match for paper business cards. 

3. Lasting Value

These coins have lasting value as they’re typically made from durable metals like steel, copper, or brass. The custom coin you give your colleague today may be worth a lot more ten years down the line.

Unlike business cards that are prone to bending, fading, tearing, or staining, custom coins are super-durable. Scratching, denting, sunlight damage or moisture damage doesn’t harm these solid coins. The longer a recipient holds on to your custom coin, the bigger your impact on their minds!

4. A More Special Offering Overall

In the current age, business cards are no longer meaningful or personal. In the past, company workers couldn’t wait to upgrade their business cards after receiving promotions. Now, all of that takes place digitally.

New-generation millennials, in particular, see no value in business cards. On the other hand, custom coins never fail to make powerful impressions on potential clients. The branded artwork on these coins also leads to increased brand awareness.

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